At Harris Bridge Vineyard winemakers Nathan and Amanda make pinot gris and pinot noir dessert wines, liqueurs, aperitifs, and brandy. We harvest our grapes around 23 brix, earlier than traditional ice wines or other "late harvest"dessert wines, which gives the grapes ample acidity and the finished wine complexity and balance. After freezing the grapes and loading them, whole cluster, into the press only the first juices that melt are what are used to make the wine, with fermentations starting at close to 40 brix. The first cut, a rich, flavorful concentrate is what is fermented for the dessert wines, the second cut, a lighter version of the first is used in the blending and distilling of the liqueurs and brandy. Making dessert wines from grapes with optimal pH levels, sugar content and skin maturity offers so much more than just a sweet wine. With strength, varietal character, and age-ability, Harris Bridge wines balance the purity and terroir of the grapes with the handcrafted elements of the winemaking process. The liqueurs and aperitifs, blended with herbs and fruit, are interesting and complex, heralding traditional amaro and vermouths while maintaining a unique style all their own. Currently the brandy is aging in barrel and awaiting release. Visit the winery for an experience beyond the bottle with stories penned by the resident writer, walks to the river and bridge, games on the grass, and picnics under the oaks.