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Visit us, meet our farmers, winemakers and their families. Learn the unique stories of our wineries and see the vineyards where are grapes are grown. We are dedicated to producing high quality wines at affordable prices. Our many varietals earn plentiful awards annually.  From Salem to Junction City, experience the Heart of Willamette Wineries, a prime destination for wine lovers.  Relax at our venues, taste our wines, we know you’ll come back!



Three Crows Media:  American Wine Story

Below is an inspiring video “Vino Veritas” from Three Crows Media.  Three Crows Media is an independent film production collective based in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. They tap into the rich talent and spectacular locations of the Pacific Northwest to produce intelligent, audience-driven features, shorts and documentaries.        We hope you enjoy their teaser….  

“Fascinating, gritty and ultimately bittersweet.”

- Wine Spectator

“We highly recommend that you do the following: treat yourself to an Alsatian Riesling and watch American Wine Story”

- Thirsty Kitten

“This film may make you want to pull up stakes and follow these winemakers’ journeys.”

- LA Times

“If you aren’t inspired in one way or another by American Wine Story, then you might be going about life the wrong way.”

- The Academic Wino

“Energetic, inspirational and modern.”

- Tasting Rome

There are plenty of obsessions in the world, but few endeavors attract as much devotion as wine. American Wine Story is a documentary about oenological aficionados who have taken their obsessions to the extreme, chasing their dreams with a bottle in one hand and a corkscrew in the other.

After an upstart winemaker’s untimely death, his sister steps in to try to save his fledgling winery for his eight-year-old son: American Wine Story blends this with other tales of risk and reinvention for those who are born again into the wine industry. This feature documentary is about about the transformative power of a humble beverage to fuel passion and reshape lives. Following dozens of winemakers and aficionados from all across the country to learn what drives them, and also trace some American wine history in the process, this is a film that aims to leave all audiences with a dash of inspiration to follow their own American Dreams, or at least pause and consider the story behind the bottle the next time they pull a cork.

American Wine Story is a feature documentary that tells the stories of the people who make and love wine in America. Take some time to browse the site and watch the trailer.

To purchase your copy of American Wine Story visit http://americanwinestory.vhx.tv/#buy.

Follow Three Crows Media’s blog and join their mailing list or Facebook page. And next time you pull a cork, remember…behind every bottle, there is a story.