Step into the Heart of the scenic Willamette Valley and experience Oregon Wine Country the way it was meant to be. The small, boutique wineries of the region are friendly, family-owned destinations that reflect the natural beauty and diversity of the Willamette Valley. Nestled in the foothills of the Coast Range and Mary’s Peak, our sustainable vineyards enjoy the most favorable grape growing conditions in the valley.

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Visit us, meet our farmers, winemakers and their families. Learn the unique stories of our wineries and see the vineyards where are grapes are grown. We are dedicated to producing high quality wines at affordable prices. Our many varietals earn plentiful awards annually.  From Salem to Junction City, experience the Heart of Willamette Wineries, a prime destination for wine lovers.  Relax at our venues, taste our wines, we know you’ll come back!



Three Crows Media:  Vino Veritas:  An American Wine Movie

Below is an inspiring video “Vino Veritas” from Three Crows Media.  Three Crows Media is an independent film production collective based in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. They tap into the rich talent and spectacular locations of the Pacific Northwest to produce intelligent, audience-driven features, shorts and documentaries.        We hope you enjoy their teaser….  As the film is set to come out in 2014….

“Revision to the Vino Veritas film teaser. This is the story of wine in America and the people who give up everything to pursue new lives in the wine industry. Thank you to all of our backers on Kickstarter who helped fund a portion of Vino Veritas! Because of your support, we’ll be able to increase the scope of our film.”

There are plenty of obsessions in the world, but few endeavors attract as much devotion as wine. American Wine Story is a documentary about oenological aficionados who have taken their obsessions to the extreme, chasing their dreams with a bottle in one hand and a corkscrew in the other.

This film is the story of ordinary people with an extraordinary passion. It’s the story of the moment they fell in love with wine. It is a film for dreamers: anyone who has ever loved a bottle of wine or stood in a vineyard, closed their eyes and imagined a different life. It is the story of success and failure, and the mystery that turns a humble batch of crushed fruit into a lifelong obsession.

The film is in post-production, so look for the finished documentary in 2014. Follow their blog and join their mailing list or Facebook page. And next time you pull a cork, remember…behind every bottle, there is a story.

American Wine Story is a feature documentary that tells the stories of the people who make and love wine in America. Take some time to browse the site and watch the trailer.